Who am I?

Hello! My name is Chris Taylor and I am a recent graduate from Carleton University with a masters in Information System Sciences, where I also completed my undergraduate degree in Interactive Multimedia Design. Since then I've developed a strong passion and desire for designing and creating multimedia works. These interests range from digital painting, concept art, to 3D modeling, texturing , scripting and rigging.

What do I do?

I'm a guy who loves to work in computer graphics, dabbling a bit in a lot of its fields. My main passion lies in concept art, rigging and scripting. I'm always up for new projects and love seeing a concept go to its full fruition. To see some of my finished works check out my portfolio page. Otherwise if you want to see my sketches, rigs, or concepts check out my blog .

What have I been up to:

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Jan 24 2015

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Jan 21 2015

RGD - For denihilistic

Jan 20 2015

Reddit Gets Drawn - For Comeau_Sushi

Apr 24 2014

Reddit Gets Drawn - For blue_haired_chick316

Apr 23 2014